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Is the New PLM Right for You? Surveys Reveal All
When it comes to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) product design and manufacturing companies have many options in both desktop and cloud versions, and in a variety of licensing, including software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings.

Back in April we surveyed ConnectPress readers to see what PLM functionality they were interested in and to learn more about how/if they were using a PLM system (or multiple), and we found that the single most important feature respondents were interested in is managing data.

Collaboration was the second most requested feature. When asked about cloud-based PLM 57% said they were interested in it for a future deployment. You can hear the Roundtable to learn more about the results and hear from Autodesk's Ron Locklin and Oleg Shilovitsky (Beyond PLM, OpenBoM) on PLM trends and their respective solutions here.

In alarming news, a survey released by cloud-based PLM contender, Arena Solutions, this past June revealed that half of product companies still use spreadsheets, or nothing at all to manage complex Bill of Materials (BOM).
If that sounds like your company you may want to see what Arena Solutions has to offer or check out the SaaS-based OpenBoM solution, launched by Shilovitsky and Vic Sanchez. OpenBoM is a cloud-based collaboration tool for managing BOMs, eliminating the need to track product data spreadsheets across networks of engineers, supply chain managers and contract manufacturers.

Autodesk continues to stand by their pitch for cloud-based PLM too, and have just announced Cloud PDM as part of their flagship PLM solution, Fusion Lifecycle (formerly Autodesk PLM 360), at their recent PLM event Accelerate 2016.

Going mobile continues to become more of a reality with solutions like Fusion Lifecyle and Onshape, who offers CAD, PDM and collaboration in their toolset.

But managing engineering data has expanded from much more than just CAD data, with the need for design teams to access analysis and simulation data and be able to communicate and share that data as well, to people outside of the discipline. A key player in this arena is ESTECO, who provides Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) solutions to help streamline collaboration, providing PDM and PLM integration with their products like SOMO and modeFrontier.

No matter what your needs are you're sure to get a feel for some of the options available to you and see how leading edge companies are deploying, in this Spotlight.

Don't get left behind and keep up with the competition as PLM usage continues to grow. CIMdata reported in their PLM Market Report Series a 2.8% increase in growth in 2015, up from 2014. You can see which companies derived the most revenues in the overall PLM market and read more about the report here.

CIMdata has also introduced a new practice focusing on the convergence of AEC and manufacturing in an effort to bridge the gap between manufacturing and the design, fabrication, and operation of facilities and ultimately reduce waste, budget, and timeline contingencies, improve compliance, quality, and the flow of information. Their latest research has found that PLM-based practices can also benefit the AEC.

Learn more about all the above, along with other PLM solutions like ENOVIA, Teamcenter, Windchill, Aras and more in this Spotlight.

ConnectPress would like to thank the sponsors of this PLM Spotlight, Autodesk and ESTECO. You can learn more about their PLM strategies in this webinar, "Managing Simulation, Optimization, Collaboration and Process in a PDM - PLM Integrated System."
What's New in Fusion Lifecycle: September 2016 Release
By Michelle Stone, Autodesk
Fusion Lifecycle sees improved report management, better email notifications, clone import projects feature, and adds cloud PDM.

Read about how the company used SAP PLM for data management and ERP with Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD software on more than 100 workstations.

Real-time Collaborative Edit is Coming to CAD & PLM
By Oleg Shilovitsky, Beyond PLM
The manufacturing industry could benefit from real-time collaboration apps. like Google Docs and Apple iWorks. See which CAD/PLM vendors come close.

Hagerman Lifecycle Connection--Enabling Enterprise Data Management and Workflow with Vault
By Matt Lane, Hagerman & Company
Matt Lane makes the case for why you should be using Autodesk Vault and how you can enhance it with Hagerman's Lifecycle Connection product.

The Present and the Future of MDO
Bringing together simulation data, expertise and technology within the PLM system is key in Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO).

modeFRONTIER @ Airworks Engineering: Multidisciplinary Collaboration Made Easy
With the ESTECO Enterprise Suite Airworks was able to share and manage simulation data and engineering knowledge effectively allowing for a faster turnout.

Convergences: Higher Education and PLM Upheavals
By Peter A. Bilello, President, CIMdata
CIMdata says that only a small fraction of PLM is being taught in engineering like CAD and CAE, but convergences like STEAM and IoT will impact.

Enhance Your PDM Experience in Inventor with These Direct Integrations
By John Myers, ConnectPress Editor
This month we're looking at some of the pioneers in PDM with direct integration to Inventor like Synergis Adept, DesignDataManager and DBInventor.

Inphi Accelerates Big Data Internally
By Razorleaf
A challenge of integration and the help of Razorleaf lead Inphi to streamline their Big Data, saving time and money.

The Digital Thread from Manufacturing to Facilities
By Edward J. Martin, CIMdata
CIMdata's Ed Martin says one of the most important changes that is occurring is the erosion of a conceptual barrier between PLM and BIM.

The Beginning and Future of CIMdata's AEC & Manufacturing Convergence Consulting Practice
Compiled by ConnectPress
Ed Martin brings 36 years of experience with him to CIMdata's AEC & Manufacturing Convergence Consulting Practice. We interviewed him to learn more.

Winemaking and PLM in Merry Collaboration
By Sam Uliano, ConnectPress Editor
With an elaborate, personalized process, Club W uses Autodesk PLM 360 to keep track of wine--from the brewer to the drinker.

Webinar: Is the New PLM Right for You? Cloud, Saas and Dis-integration of PLM Functions Opens New Opportunities
By ConnectPress
In this webinar we share the results of our PLM survey and industry experts from Autodesk and Beyond PLM discuss new PLM options like cloud-based PLM.

Trailblazing Shorter Paths to PLM Value
By Chad Jackson, Lifecycle Insights
Chad Jackson offers a look into how cloud-based PLM is offering easier, faster, and cheaper solutions for businesses.

Autodesk Adds Cloud-based Product Data Management to Fusion Lifecycle
Announcement by Autodesk
Autodesk has added PDM capabilities to their cloud-based PLM solution, Fusion Lifecycle, which was formerly Autodesk PLM 360.

SofTech Enters into Agreement to Sell PLM Product Line to Essig Research Inc.
Press Release Issued by SofTech
SofTech has agreed to sell its PLM technologies, including ProductCenter and Connector product lines, to Essig Research Inc. for $3.25 million.

Managing Simulation, Optimization, Collaboration and Process in a PDM - PLM Integrated System
Announcement by ConnectPress
On September 27 join Autodesk and ESTECO for a PLM Roundtable and Webinar on integrating simulation and processes into PDM and PLM.

CIMdata Publishes AEC Market Overview Report
Press Release Issued by CIMdata
Report includes discussions of trends in the market and how AEC solution providers like Autodesk, Bentley, and Dassault are responding.

The Business Advantage Groups Worldwide CAD Trends 2016 Results
Press Release Issued by The Business Advantage Group
Business Advantage has shared results from their 2016 CAD Trends survey pointing out growth in both cloud-based CAD and PDM and PLM software.

Arena Solutions Releases New Training Management Module to Further Expand Its Product Development Platform
Press Release Issued by Arena Solutions
Arena Solutions' Arena Summer 2016 release of their cloud-based PLM offering now features a new module: Arena Training Management for Arena QMS.

Survey Reveals Half of Product Companies Still Use Spreadsheets (or Nothing at All) to Manage Complex Bill of Materials
Press Release Issued by Arena Solutions
A survey by Arena Solutions revealed that half of product companies still use spreadsheets, or nothing at all to manage complex bill of materials.

Autodesk Adds Fusion Connect and Fusion Lifecycle to its Cloud-Connected Product Innovation Platform
Announcement by Autodesk
Fusion Lifecycle is the new name for it's cloud-based PLM 360 and Fusion Connect replaces the name SeeControl IoT software.

Propel Announces the Propel PLM Suite on the Salesforce AppExchange, the World's Leading Enterprise Apps Marketplace
Press Release by Propel
Key features include modern PLM capabilities that can help both big and small businesses, customer request processing, and much more.

CIMdata Announces Addition of AEC & Manufacturing Convergence Consulting Practice
Press Release Issued by CIMdata
Ed Martin will be taking on the title of Director for the new consulting practice for CIMdata, bringing in more than two decades of experience.

ESTECO Enterprise Suite New Release Bringing Design Optimization to PLM
Press Release Issued by ESTECO
With new SOMO plug-in connectors, ESTECO Enterprise Suite provides integration with PLM systems to link simulation data to the entire enterprise.